The world is crying

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

The world is crying, 

The world is watching;  

Daily news banging on doors   

inciting  fear, 

Freezing the last few drops of hope in the kitchen's sink.

History bridging the past present and future,

Repeating itself.  

Turn the page

Turn the chapter

to read the same story with different characters. 

Progressive , regressive  

It’s the new priest, 

the new religion 

promising a new beguining 

a new God;

the God of fear, 

the God of prejudice, 

the God of ignorance.

The God in our image

 We sit on the throne of righteousness,

drink the wine of privilege  

turn back on grace 

spit love in the face

“ there is no space for you “ 

The angels are watching; 

our commitment to complacency,

our devotion to  procrastination of individual and collective change,

watching in silence, 

studying science to end violence 

ignoring  the inner guidance, 

Reckless  have we become 

marching in lovelessness 

singing hypocrisy in the name of democracy. 

the inner child is dying

the soul is crying 

adults spiraling; 

drunk in technology 

immersed in anxiety 

clueless to the gravity of inequality 

that whips the neighbor next door .



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